Monoï de Tahiti® is truly a wholesome ingredient produced in harmony with nature.  Based on two very unique ingredients:  White gold – the naturally dried coconuts of the Cocos Nucifera exclusive to the coral soil of French Polynesia. The natural refinement process produces oil classically used for its emulsifying and emollient properties.


    The soul of Monoï de Tahiti – “Tiare Tahiti” (gardenia tahitensis) an iconic beauty flower and medicinal plant with its enchanting unforgettable fragrance.  The blooms rich in terpenic alcohols and esters (methyl salicylate) are known for their soothing and purifying properties.


    Together from this combination of fresh tiare flowers and refined copra oil comes Monoï – “Sacred oil” – The ancestral beauty regime of the Polynesian “Vahines”.  From babies to anti-aging this rich emollient oil penetrates the skin quickly and acts as a natural barrier against dehydration, a major cause of wrinkles. A luxuriant product of nature, this natural cocktail of active elements is an endless inspiration for personal care.


    For centuries, Polynesians have used Monoi as a skin moisturizer and soother, and when added to bath water, many believe the scent helps to relax the mind.  Polynesians also revere the fatty acid-rich emollient for its ability to enrich and soften hair.


    • helps to protect the skin against external elements.
    • helps the skin appear more supple and soft.
    • helps increase skin hydration both immediately and in the long term.
    • may be used to heal eczema or skin rashes.
    • can help heal skin quickly from sunburn.
    • can help relieve dry and itchy skin.

    Pamper your skin with this divine hand and body cream!  Silky soft, not greasy.  Some of our customers claim it helps greatly with Eczema issues. Little tiny bit goes a long, long way.


    Contains wholesome ingredients:  water, Monoi de Tahiti oil®, shea or mango butter, cocoa butter, glycerin, plant based cetyl alcohol, plant-derived Stearic acid, vegetable e-wax, silk amino acids, corn starch, and just enough Optiphen (preservative) to prevent spoilage, fragrance of gardenia.


    • $  15.00   2 oz Tub

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    Weight 4 oz
    Dimensions 4 × 4 × 4 in